‘My mind is opened to different possibilities now’: 5 ways agency work will change going forward

Digiday 24 Jul 2020 04:01
July 24, 2020 by Kristina Monllos

This is part of a special package from Digiday about what comes next, looking to the other side of the current crisis to explore the lasting changes that are coming about.

Over the last four months, employees and employers have adapted to a new way of working that’s not only remote but more flexible. Doing so has, of course, come out of necessity due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic. But agency executives and employees believe that some of the workflow and workplace changes will stick long after coronavirus is under control as old beliefs about what can be accomplished outside of the office have been proven false. 

Remote work and shared work spaces will be normalized

With employees working remotely for the last several months and productivity levels still on par with normal in-person activities, agency executives say that they are changing their minds on having employees work from afar. 

That’s true for David DeMuth, CEO of Detroit-based ad agency Doner. The last four months has led to an “epiphany” of sorts about remote work for him. Prior to the pandemic, DeMuth believed that it was necessary for employees, especially those in senior roles, to work at the agency’s office. The past few months, however, have proven that working with employees wherever they are is a viable option. “Now we might not require someone to move,” said DeMuth. “My mind is open to different possibilities now.” 

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