How couples who work at the same agency are managing quarantining together

Digiday 01 May 2020 04:00
May 1, 2020 by Kristina Monllos

At ad agencies, dating a coworker is nothing new. Neither is keeping that relationship a secret. Quarantining with the colleague you’re dating and continuing to keep it a secret all the while taking client calls and Zooming with your other coworkers, however, is new. 

“It’s stressful because not all our colleagues know,” said a creative director at a London-based creative agency who has been dating a strategist at the same shop for nearly a year. “So when the doorbell rings and we’re on a call, it gets awkward.” 

Over the past six weeks, as agencies transitioned staff to working from home, couples who work at the same agency have created their own mini-remote offices as they are now quarantined with their coworker and partner. Doing so doesn’t come without its own set of challenges.

For example, the London-based pair is one of three couples interviewed for this piece — nine couples total were interviewed — who requested anonymity as their coworkers are unaware of their relationship. Others said that even though that hadn’t hid their relationship, seeing them quarantining together came as a surprise to clients and some coworkers.

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