How thinking like a behavioural scientist can take your influencer marketing to the next level

The Drum 24 Mar 2021 04:46
By Esme Rice-24 March 2021 16:46pm

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How many likes did your recent Instagram post get? How many clicks? How many sales came from your influencer programme?

Hopefully, you’re tracking all of those things. But have you ever tracked the ‘why’?

Data can only tell you what people are doing, but not why they are doing it. This is why we are reviewing campaigns through a psychology lens to analyse and understand and your consumers’ decision making and motivations. Once you understand the ‘why’ behind a campaign, you can replicate its success and scale your influencer growth programmes.

Learning to think like a behavioural scientist can transform the way you analyse your campaigns as you combine data and psychology to properly understand your campaign results. We’ve included three of our strategy team’s top tips to start thinking like a behavioural scientist.

Three quick tips:

For example: The word count on influencers captions can impact the engagement rate. For one client, the top 3 performers captions were 50% shorter than the lowest 3 performers and included paragraphs instead of a block of text.

For example: Our AI tool Fides recognised that the influencer's body language in YouTube videos had a significant impact on campaign CPA, which can be further explained by the psychology behind the human connection.

For example: We have identified everything from gardeners having the highest purchasing power over reading habits to comedians shifting sustainability habits.

Esme Rice is marketing director at Tailify

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