KFC drops a C-bomb and finally talks about chicken welfare

The Drum 23 Jul 2021 09:00

KFC, a strong creative advertiser, is often pinned on its treatment of poultry, so its latest campaign looks to showcase its improvements in this troubled space. It’s dropping a huge campaign during a supposed C-Bomb-laden press conference with a bargain bucket.

Launching on Friday July 23 on Channel 4, the campaign from Mother builds upon the fast-food restaurant’s efforts to improve animal welfare at its sites. KFC UK & Ireland recently became the only business to be awarded top tier status in World Animal Protection’s Pecking Order 2021 report.

It is now using this marketplace superiority to stand-out from rivals and get consumers thinking. Beyond the moral case, KFC argues that “serving quality chicken starts with high animal welfare standards on farms, and with sourcing birds that have had a good life“.

And that brings us to the campaign. When it had a chicken shortage (demand is high after all), KFC famously posted a FCK. This time, it is leaning on a C-bomb. No, not that one. ’Chicken’. KFC talking about chicken welfare is a big deal and will be enjoying TV airtime and print advertising as well as digital and social. Going further into the topic, a content series called Behind the Bucket highlights its attempts to meet its wider social responsibility.

The campaign acknowledges a fault, that the company has not been as visible on welfare as it could’ve been. The intent is to communicate that it is no longer skirting around the issue.

Concluding, James Ross-Edwards, creative director at Mother, says: “KFC’s commitment to chicken welfare is a big deal, so we wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserves. Plus, what an honor to be dropping the C-Bomb on national TV.”

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