It’s 2020, and CNN and Fox News are still battling over Comscore numbers

Digiday 31 Jul 2020 04:01
July 31, 2020 by Steven Perlberg

As the media industry undergoes huge upheaval, one thing has remained constant in these trying times: Fox News and CNN are still sending out monthly press releases about their comScore traffic. 

It’s one of the most amusing ongoing appendage-measuring contests in media, a relic of the TV era and an example of how the fiercest battles are often fought over the most inconsequential things. Every month, like the cycles of the moon, email blasts land simultaneously in the inboxes of reporters who have, one should hope, much better things to cover these days than cable networks’ online traffic figures. 

“Almost 150,000 people are dead from coronavirus, and they still think I may be interested in writing about the fact that they have 20,000 more multiplatform unique users than last year,” joked one media reporter.

Press releases are stock-in-trade in the communications business, but in the TV industry they strike a particularly competitive tone, from the morning show war between “Good Morning America” and “Today” to the ratings battles of the network nightly news broadcasts. 

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