With return to offices underway, parents experience separation anxiety from their kids

Digiday 09 Jun 2021 04:01
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June 9, 2021 by Steve Hemsley

Many parents could suffer from separation anxiety as they return to the office after more than a year enjoying extra time with their children.

Home schooling and the constant rotation of mealtime menus may have been a challenge, but additional family time has improved the work/life balance for many moms and dads working from home during the pandemic.

The talk now is all about hybrid working, but there are concerns that some parents will struggle with any new regime. They have got used to being there when their youngsters come home from school or at bedtimes. Some now fear that as office days are reintroduced or increased they could miss out on important milestones in their child’s development.

Of course, parents working in healthcare or other key sectors such as grocery or transport during the pandemic (and who may have actually seen less of their children in the past 18 months) may have little sympathy. 

Yet separation anxiety among parents is a real concern that employers need to be aware of.

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