Comcast will add more 24/7 streaming channels to its connected TV platform

Digiday 17 Jan 2020 05:01

Comcast is stocking up on more ad-supported streaming programming to catch cord cutters’ interest and advertisers’ connected TV budgets.

The TV and internet provider is in the process of expanding the number of 24/7 channels on its Xfinity Flex streaming platform, according to media executives with knowledge of the matter. A Comcast spokesperson said the company will aim to add more content for people to watch as it increases the size of Flex’s user base.

Offering 24/7 channels has emerged as a popular option among streaming service companies to ensure that their platforms provide enough programming for people to watch while granting themselves additional inventory to sell to advertisers. These channels have also become the gateway to the connected TV market for many midsize media companies that might otherwise struggle to attract viewers to their owned-and-operated connected TV apps.

Once a company creates a 24/7 channel for one distributor, it is “basically built to do [so] for all of them. So for us, what’s the downside of being everywhere? There’s no added cost to us,” said a media executive.

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