“Digital platforms are what are getting a lot of attention”: Magazines are pivoting, to engage a dramatically larger audience

What's New in Publishing 26 May 2020 06:25

In every industry, experts are trying to make their best guesses as to what’s next and how to meet it head-on. The impact of this pandemic on our industry, explains Greg Dool in Folio:, may take years to fully assess.

“Absent the luxury of planning years, months or even weeks into the future,” Dool writes, “publishers of all sizes have been forced to make important decisions quickly to adapt to the moment and remain valuable to their readers, especially those whose magazines serve professionals in explicitly defined industries, many of which are facing unprecedented disruptions of their own.”

The meeting and events industry is one such example … and industry association MPI is using the current situation to engage a dramatically larger audience.

As Rich Luna, editor-in-chief of MPI’s publication The Meeting Professional notes, they made the decision to temporarily stop printing the magazine … even though their membership reports print is their preferred way to read it.

The problem, Luna explains, is purely logistics: Most members were getting the publication sent to their offices. So in the spirit of “be helpful,” they took a fast pivot.

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