How to safely store your nudes

Mashable 12 Jun 2020 07:41
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In the time of the coronavirus, sexts may be the only sexual connection people have had since social distancing began. If you're taking more nudes than usual, though, you may be wondering what the best way is to keep them secure from prying eyes.

While the celebrity iCloud nude photo leak was six years ago now, the fear that something similar can arise hasn't dissipated completely. Thankfully, there are actionable steps you can take to store nudes safely and keep your sexy photos where they belong — with you.

iPhone and iOS

If you use Apple products, the good news is that they're already pretty secure. "Apple has done a great job… creating a very secure consumer device," said Patrick Wardle, creator and founder of Objective-See, a source for free open-sourced tools for Mac users, and a former NSA hacker. "[If] you're an average hacker, you're not gonna have the ability to hack iPhones."

That being said, it's not a complete impossibility. There are some easy steps one can take to make sure their photo library is as safe as possible. Wardle compared hacking to robbers choosing houses. They're not going after the house with the alarm system, they're going after the house with the back door open. The same is true for hackers: They're going after the least-secure devices.

In addition to using unique passwords (and password managers can help with that), Wardle also suggested turning on two-factor authentication whenever possible, such as with your iCloud Drive. "It's just an extra layer of security that will make your device, and your account, way more difficult to hack," said Wardle, "So opportunistic hackers are just going to basically move on." 

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