Why alternative job titles prove marketing is not the ‘colouring-in department’

Marketing Week 11 Oct 2019 01:14

Does the plethora of new titles for senior marketing roles reflect a change in the nature of marketing, or is it a case of window dressing gone wild?

reinventAlison Jones, customer director of the Co-operative Group, and Chris Macleod, director for customers and revenue at Transport for London, both run the marketing function at their respective employers, yet neither has a job title that includes the word ‘marketing’.

“There are a lot of businesses that put the word ‘customer’ in for the sake of it, because it’s the new trendy thing to do,” Jones told the audience at the Festival of Marketing (10 October).

“But part of my job is looking at the customer, so I’m confident I’m not being too wanky.”

Macleod explained that while he used to be a marketing director, the change in his job title reflects his differing role and responsibility. “The customer title probably has more resonance in our business than the marketing description…because we’re such a heavy customer service business,” he added.

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