News: Turtl announces personalisation at scale across the enterprise

B2B Marketing 06 Oct 2020 09:59

Turtl, the enterprise content platform, has announced the launch of a personalisation module, which allows content to be rapidly customised at scale based on individual interests and needs.

With the new enterprise content automation, every team has access to the content toolkit they need to build deeper relationships. 

The announcement marks a shift in what Turtl can help its customers achieve. Turtl was founded because of the need to rethink digital content and remove the technical design and coding barriers that kept it siloed and static. 

Turtl is designed to help organisations:

  • Give every team the toolkit to personalise content in seconds
  • Give every buyer and customer engaging content that stands out because it was made for them.
  • Understand how content is performing on every level across every team and behavioural and intent insight to make data-driven decisions

Nick Mason, Turtl’s CEO, said, “If we can’t provide personally relevant, impactful, memorable content to our contacts, then that’s all they’ll ever be: contacts. And really no business wants contacts, businesses want relationships. A contact is a name and email in a system, a relationship is someone who has been nurtured and grown into something far more meaningful – and it’s these real, deep relationships that spark the opportunities that every business needs to grow and thrive.”

“We’ve been running tests with groups of hundreds of totally non-technical, non-designers and each month they’ve been delivering many thousands of engaging, beautiful and fully personalised pieces of content  – and they’re seeing amazing results. It really is changing the way they’re building their business relationships.”

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