Best back-up cameras for your car

Mashable 31 Jan 2020 10:21
Need help parking your car? Most vehicles come standard with a back-up camera these days, but for those without, you can easily purchase one of these popular car accessories and get greater visibility while you drive.
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If you’re less than gifted when it comes to parking, or want to peer into a precarious blind spot, a backup or rear view camera is a great addition to your car or truck (and much cheaper than buying a new auto that has one built in).

Since May 2018, new cars sold in the US have to have backup cameras built in under a federal regulation, to help drivers avoid accidents in which pedestrians are run over because a driver can’t see them when they are reversing. While older cars don’t need to be retrofitted with a camera, they are handy and can be super affordable too. 

How well do wireless backup cameras work?

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