Virgin creates 'airborne' ice-cream van

Campaign 09 Jul 2021 10:58

Virgin is celebrating its loyalty scheme Virgin Red with an apparently levitating ice-cream van on the South Bank.

The one-day event, which takes place on 14 July, is inspired by the brand's spot, "Whatever blows your bubble" by Glow London and Truant London. This features a woman blowing a chewing-gum bubble so large that she becomes airborne.

The van, which will appear to be borne aloft by red balloons, will feature a 15-foot-high ladder that can be climbed by guests who want to pick up some ice cream. The ice cream on offer will have customisable options in the shape of a variety of red toppings, ranging from sweet sprinkles to paprika crisps, chilli flakes and ketchup.

The ad is set to a cover version of Nena's 1980s hit 99 Red Balloons, Virgin Red will be playing the song throughout the day to highlight prize-winning moments. In keeping with the song, 99 people will be selected to receive prizes including Virgin Points, which can be used on Virgin Atlantic flights, monthly Virgin Wines deliveries and tickets to shows.

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