TikTok: how to get the best out of it

The Drum 03 Mar 2020 04:00
By Alessandro Bogliari-03 March 2020 16:00pm

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The Influencer Marketing Factory provide a slick guide for aceing TikTok.

TikTok is the newest popular social media platform, attracting all content creators to jump on board while the app is still fresh. Brands are always looking for new ways to market their products and TikTok may be the answer to their marketing desires.

When it comes to its TikTok, its algorithm is unlike other social media platforms. Social media marketing professionals can guide you with details about your content reaching the For You Page (FYP), hashtag challenges, and how to go viral.

Making it to the For You Page

As the video gains more traction and engagement, there is a possibility for your videos to reach thousands if not millions of viewers (without even having a large follower base).

Social media platforms rely on metrics. We need to be able to understand the amount of engagement and track its ability to potentially go viral. Metrics also allow you to avoid placing irrelevant content on the apps' main page.

The “Share” metric is an important tool. I can openly say that a share is more valuable than a view and a like. Using the share button allows users to continue sharing that funny moment or interesting video by sending it to their friends and family (who will most likely also share the content).

If your content has only been viewed for four seconds out of a total 15 second video, then your content has already fallen off of acceptable engagement rates and viewership interest. The video must be viewed in full in order for it to pass this metric.

Loop your videos. As soon as your video has been viewed to completion, it will restart in turn giving you a better performance rating.

Each user has their own personal score and the review process is what determines your potential to go viral. In the beginning process, based on your score, content will be placed in a Geo-Local network to a limited amount of users to test how well it will do with a larger audience. The content itself will later be reviewed by a human AI.

A little side note to consider: If you are trying to reach the For You Page, I highly suggest not deleting prior content that was created. This content still has a chance to go viral. During the AI review, it will search for prior content regardless of its performance the first time round. They will then distribute your old videos (without a time stamp) to see how well they perform within the next few hours. This is what they would like to call a delayed explosion.

Original content / Copy the format

On the other hand, you also can create your own version of a current trend, hashtag challenge or viral music clip. The TikTok audience does not get bored of seeing multiple versions of one trend. In fact, TikTok actually encourages creators to copy other users and make the current trend their own. This is something unlike what we’ve seen on other social media platforms.

Alessandro Bogliari, co-founder and CEO at The Influencer Marketing Factory.

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