‘One debt companies are building up is burnout’: Ad tech embraces the four-day working week

Digiday 28 Sep 2020 04:01
September 28, 2020 by Lucinda Southern

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Like most keen runners, Matt had to forget about the canceled marathons he signed up to this year. A few Fridays ago, he set out to run his own. Halfway through, he thought, “I always said someday I’d run 50 kilometers,” before powering through to smash that milestone.

Matt works on the engineering team at ad-tech company Polar, which since September, is giving its 30 employees Fridays off indefinitely to explore their own passions and hobbies — The Someday Experiment — after a successful trial of a four-day week in May.

“The Someday Experiment isn’t a three-day weekend. It’s about trying to create space to invest in something that’s important to you,” said Polar CEO Kunal Gupta, who is using his Fridays to write a book on meditation, (and guides a zen two-minute Zoom meditation during press interviews).

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