Google worker says she was fired for telling staff what their rights are

Telegraph 17 Dec 2019 06:26

A Google employee has claimed she was fired for telling employees about their right to protest, the latest in a string of worker-related scandals at the technology company.

Kathryn Spiers, a security engineer with a “superb” performance record, was sacked from the Mountain View, California office after creating a pop-up on an internal webpage set up by a union-busting company Google recently hired after a number of employee protests

There have been three high-profile "walkouts" protesting sexual harassment, military contracts and its work in China by workers in the past 12 months.

Google hired anti-union consulting company IRI consultants in November.

Spier's pop-up, published in early December, read: “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities”. 

Within hours of setting it live in early December, Spiers said that Google took away her phone and laptop and put her on leave.

On Friday, she was told that her employment had been terminated. 

The security engineer, who was at the company for two years, had recently been promoted and was in the “top 2pc" among her colleagues. 

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