How to set device limits without confiscating your kid's phone

Mashable 18 May 2020 07:52
Nervous about your kid spending time online unsupervised? That's not being overprotective — it's normal. Parental control software offers a bird's eye view of the sites or apps your kid visits, control over inappropriate searches, and screen time limits. When kids are fully aware of what's going on, it can be a more respectful approach than going through their phone or laptop.
From Instagram and YouTube monitoring to a panic button for kids away from home, Qustodio covers just about everything.
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Screen time is arguably the hottest parenting topic of the past 20 years. A pandemic that closed schools and caused kids to be home at all times forced the topic into the spotlight even further.

It's natural for parents to freak out every time a new study about children and devices comes out, but here's our advice: Don't. The evidence between screen time and cognitive or behavior development isn't super strong. Plus, parents cannot blame themselves for handing a kid a tablet when it's time for a Zoom meeting, dinner prep, or a nap, especially when it's high-quality content like an educational show.

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