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What's New in Publishing 31 Jul 2020 07:09

Digital Spy launches first magazine exclusively with Apple News+, Hearst opens new product testing facility, and more

Back to the future for digital magazines

One news story we were not expecting to write here at WNIP this week was that a new digital magazine has been launched, custom-designed for none other than Apple News+.

The publisher is Hearst UK’s Digital Spy, the UK’s biggest TV and movies website. Digital Spy have never published a ‘magazine’ before as they’ve been wholly a digital site, which makes this especially curious.

The magazine has been created exclusively for Apple News+, and has been designed with assistance from Apple’s News team. It contains exclusive features, videos, interviews and illustrations from the world of TV, film and entertainment in a ‘premium and enhanced experience’ – or as we used to say in the digital magazine world a decade ago, it’s an ‘interactive edition’.

We could spend hundreds of words speculating about Digital Spy’s motivations for launching this, especially given the troubled history of digital magazines. But more interesting for now is Apple’s motivations. Apple News+ has been struggling for over a year – is this their solution to driving more subscriptions? 

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