TikTok vulnerability could have let hackers access users' videos 

Telegraph 08 Jan 2020 04:21

A series of security flaws in Chinese viral video app TikTok could have allowed hackers to gain access to private videos and people’s accounts, researchers have found.

Experts from Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point found that vulnerabilities in TikTok left users vulnerable to being contacted by hackers.

The flaws meant that TikTok users could have believed they were receiving text messages from the TikTok app, even though the messages were sent by hackers. 

These messages could have been loaded with malicious links that gave hackers control over users’ smartphones.

TikTok has since fixed the vulnerabilities and said there was no indication that the vulnerabilities were ever used by hackers.

Jake Moore, a cybersecurity specialist at ESET, said: “One of the main vulnerabilities in question involved hackers being able to access phone numbers and send texts, which should serve as a warning that SMS messages must always be taken with precaution due to their lack of security.

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