2020 saw showdowns between platforms and governments, with publishers set to benefit

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Legislative pressures around the world are set to force the platforms to play nice with publishers. Some are taking pre-emptive steps, with licensing deals putting money back in publisher’s pockets…for now. Esther Kezia Thorpe rounds up 2020 in platforms as part of our Media Moments 2020 report.

We will remember 2020 as the year of Covid-19, but for platforms, it will be the year legislative pressures finally boiled over. In the US, multiple Congressional hearings have focused on antitrust, censorship and data security, while moves to force the tech giants to pay their fair share for content have stirred trouble abroad.


2020 was a remarkable one for Google’s relationship with publishers and the wider media ecosystem. We deal with their phasing out of third party cookies in the ‘Data and Advertising chapter’, but there have been plenty of other key moments.

The stage was set for Google to go head to head with governments in 2019, following a row with France over implementation of the European Copyright Directive.  But France wasn’t the only one keeping up the pressure on Google throughout 2020. 

This article is an extract from our Media Moments 2020 report. To see the case studies for this chapter and to read the full report, download it here.

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