Google ‘to move Britons’ data to the US’

Telegraph 20 Feb 2020 06:00

Google is planning to move Britons’ data from Europe to the US, where privacy law is weaker, it has been reported.  

It plans to shift tens of millions of user accounts hosted in Ireland to the US, removing them from under the jurisdiction of stringent European privacy law, according to Reuters. 

The surprise move was prompted by Britain’s departure from the European Union ahead of negotiations between the UK and the EU on the movement of information across borders. 

Just two weeks ago Google warned shareholders that Britain's departure from the European Union may hamper its revenue and subject the company to new regulatory fines and technical challenges relating to the transfer of personal data between the two countries. 

A Google spokesman said: “Like many companies, we have to prepare for Brexit. Nothing about our services or our approach to privacy will change, including how we collect or process data, and how we respond to law enforcement demands for users' information. The protections of the UK General Data Protection Regulation will still apply to these users."

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