‘Without the luxury of time’: The Wall Street Journal rolls out new products for the fast-tempo ad market

Digiday 15 Sep 2020 04:01
September 15, 2020 by Lucinda Southern

The Wall Street Journal is helping marketers manage the rapid pace of change by building products that help get branded content campaigns out at a brisk pace.    

Over the last six months, publishers and advertisers have sped up how they work and what they produce to remain culturally relevant, during such precarious times — and take advantage of whatever slim budgets there are.

Before coronavirus, the standard time frame from agreement to campaign launch for a custom content campaign through Wall Street Journal’s content studio, The Trust, was about eight weeks. That’s now halved to four, said chief revenue officer Josh Stinchcomb. At the same time, for custom content, the number of in-bound proposals has increased, the number of deals closed has gone up by 17% and the renewal rate has lifted by 38% percentage points, Stinchcomb told Digiday last month.

“There is a philosophical point of view to partnerships that we’re taking right now which is, we recognize that this is challenging,” said Stinchcomb. “We recognize people need to move quickly in the world of change around them. And so, if we want to be a non-discretionary, necessary partner, we have to provide utility and we have to be willing to pivot and we have to think long term.”

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