Smashburger arrives back on scene with all kinds of high energy

Campaign 02 Mar 2020 08:46

Smashburger has a new personality. Kind of like that one friend you have who was always shy in middle school then suddenly came out of their shell later on in life, exuding unexpected flavor all over the place. In a good way.

America’s popular QSR has partnered with Partners + Napier to unveil a punchy new campaign. 

"Smashburger sources occasions from both the fast casual and QSR burger segments, and we have an opportunity to uniquely differentiate against brands in both categories by highlighting our unmatched commitment to flavor," said Scott Johnson, VP, head of marketing at Smashburger. "With this campaign, we’re bringing new energy and personality to our brand to connect with both current and new customers in a whole new way."

"Smashed It!" reaches burger foodies through online video, digital display, social media, paid search, radio and out-of-home advertising in a bid to break through daily routines, incentivize visits to Smashburger, satisfy the desire to share craveable experiences and then remind burger foodies of that mouth watering time.

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