Axios’ Media Reporter Sara Fischer on crafting informative newsletters and media coverage

What's New in Publishing 13 Jan 2021 07:30

This week we talked to Sara Fischer, Media Reporter at Axios. Their weekly Media Trends newsletter has just reached 100,000 subscribers after being among the first few newsletters launched by the publisher in 2016.

Sara tells us about her process for crafting a thoughtful, informative newsletter, whether Axios’ ‘smart brevity’ model can work for local news, and what lessons she’s taken from covering media companies that she applies to her own work.

In the news roundup the team discuss the fallout for publishers from Trump’s ban from social media, and the trends that led to this point. We also talk UK local news priorities, why Meredith’s Travel + Leisure has been acquired by a timeshare resort company, and the appointment of the new BBC chair. Peter auditions for the next Terminator movie.

Here are some highlights:

Launching Axios Media Trends

We did have a formula that we wanted to follow, which mimicked some of the other newsletters that we had already launched. We had launched three others before mine; a health, a tech, and a general newsletter in the morning. And so we kind of got to see what worked and what didn’t work.

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