ASA launches UK Scam Ad Alert tool

Campaign 15 Jun 2020 02:57

The Advertising Standards Authority is today launching a UK Scam Ad Alert system to help tackle fraudulent advertising on online platforms and social media.

It was developed alongside the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, Britain’s digital advertising trade body, and in partnership with Facebook and Google, which respectively dominate social media and search/display advertising. 

The tool follows a three-month trial that began in January in which the ASA enabled people to alert platforms and some publishers in helping to remove fraudulent paid-for ads. 

The participating platforms are Facebook/Instagram, Google, Twitter, Snap, TikTok, Microsoft, Verizon, Taboola and Outbrain. Reach also receives all the alerts, but it is a publisher rather than a platform.

Scam ads, particularly those promoting get-rich-quick schemes involving cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, are still being published despite considerable media attention in recent years. They commonly present themselves as news stories or features and use doctored pictures of celebrities to imply those people are endorsing the service. 

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