Why is Google changing the way UK user data is processed?

Campaign 20 Feb 2020 12:02

Google has confirmed that it is changing the way UK user data into the UK is processed in Ireland in order to "prepare for Brexit".

The move is likely to encourage other US tech giants to follow suit as they see the lighter-touch approach to regulation compared with European Union nations like France and Ireland.

The world’s biggest advertising company is changing the data controller for UK users from Google Ireland Ltd to US based Google LLC. It is restoring Google LLC as the service provider and the data controller responsible for UK users’ information, as was the case before GDPR went into force in 2018.

However, the same data protection standards should remain in place for UK users (same as under GDPR), given that there is a UK GDPR following the country’s exit from the European Union, which created the data protection law.

Google said there would be no change to how it processed users’ data and no change to people’s privacy settings. 

A spokesman for Google said: "Like many companies, we have to prepare for Brexit. Nothing about our services or our approach to privacy will change, including how we collect or process data, and how we respond to law enforcement demands for users' information. The protections of the UK GDPR will still apply to these users."

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