Expect to see a lot of TikTok during the Super Bowl

Digiday 31 Jan 2020 10:30

Unlike last year, this year’s Super Bowl will feature a lot of TikTok. The viral video app that’s been downloaded more than 1.65 billion times to date will be featured prominently throughout Sunday’s game, both during the live TV airing of it as well as the livestream.

TikTok isn’t spending $5.6 million to buy an ad that will air on TV during the game, but a number of companies are featuring the platform and its stars in their own Super Bowl ads.

Sabra’s first-ever prime-time Super Bowl commercial features TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio and will simultaneously run a #HowIHummus hashtag challenge on TikTok on Super Bowl Sunday. Mountain Dew is also launching its own hashtag challenge (#AsGoodAsTheOG) to go with its Super Bowl ad. Chipotle has enlisted TikTok stars to help promote its Free Delivery Sundays with a TikTok Timeout that people can follow along on TikTok during Sunday’s game. Hyundai (#OneDayAfterWatching) and TurboTax (#W2Step) are debuting their first-ever hashtag challenges this weekend as well.

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