TikTok launches search ad offensive as Byte surges past 1m downloads

Campaign 05 Feb 2020 02:33

Despite teething problems, Byte – the new short-form video-sharing app created by the co-founder of defunct platform Vine – has already made its presence felt, exceeding one million downloads across iOS and Android in its first week.

Byte hit app stores on 24 January and saw an estimated 735,000 worldwide downloads in the first weekend of its release, according to App Annie data.

It has now topped one million downloads on iOS and Android, according to App Annie's latest figures, which cover through Sunday (2 February). Sensor Tower is reporting a higher figure: more than 1.3 million downloads during the first week, of which 70% originated from the US, with the UK and Canada making up a further 7% and 6% respectively.

Byte was the top social app for daily iPhone downloads in the US on its first weekend of launch and was first by daily iPhone downloads in the US, Australia, Norway, Ireland and New Zealand as of 27 January. It is currently featured on Apple's App Store.

The app's creator is Dom Hofman, who first teased his plans to launch a Vine successor in November 2018, initially slating its release for spring 2019. Vine was shut down in late 2016 after Twitter, which acquired the platform in 2012 ahead of its launch, failed to make it commercially viable. Hofmann co-founded Vine along with Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, but left the business in 2014 to pursue a new start-up. 

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