How to put together a relevant content strategy for Instagram

The Drum 09 Oct 2019 09:29
Tim Hyde will speak at Meltwater's How to Master Instagram Marketing for 2020 webinar.

Instagram is increasingly becoming the go-to platform for many brands, as it's a guaranteed way to lock in users' attention.

Meltwater is holding the How to Master Instagram Marketing for 2020 webinar this Friday to help marketers navigate the platform and learn how to craft a relevant marketing strategy.

Aimed at both B2B and B2C marketers, the webinar will teach them about brand engagement and how to lead gens to show how Instagram can deliver.

Featuring a host of young UK-based social media experts, including 24-year-old TWH Media CMO Tim Hyde, formerly of Social Chain and the Lad Bible, the panel will discuss how marketers can get the most out of Instagram.

Hyde specialises in social media marketing and brand strategy, so he will be using the 45-minute session to talk about growth, product and the power of viral marketing, following his experience managing some of the biggest social media communities on the planet.

"IG can still be such a phenomenal tool for marketers," said Hyde. "We will discuss the various ways that brands can maximise this channel."

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