'Romance is back': OkCupid CMO on dating app's explosive growth amid isolation

Campaign 24 Apr 2020 12:36

Melissa Hobley heads up the marketing arm of a brand whose mission is to bring people together for dates, in a world where that is not physically possible right now. 

On paper, it should be a recipe for disaster. But dating app OkCupid has quite literally never been more popular. 

"We are seeing more activity on OkCupid now than we were in February," said the chief marketing officer. "We have seen a 30 to 40 percent bump in some parts of the world -- we’re blown away by how much people are liking, talking, messaging."

Quarantine has caused explosive growth over the past month as singles make their dates virtual. 

A huge survey of more than 70,000 OkCupid users found that only six percent are waiting to date when the pandemic is over. That means 94 percent of people on the app are hanging out virtually right now.

More than half of these respondents said messaging is their favorite way to court in this pandemic world, followed by video and then the OG phone call. The mode of preferred communication says a lot about you, too, according to the study. If you love a bit of texting, you’re more likely to clap when a plane lands and believe that astrological signs are important in a match (ew). If it’s a phone call you prefer, then you’re looking for something more serious and you’re more likely to find intelligence sexy and enjoy talking about politics. Meanwhile, those thirsty video lustbuckets are more likely to be concerned about climate change, dislike Trump and be into shower sex.

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