‘We lose track of time’: How agencies are helping employees with mental health issues now

Digiday 29 May 2020 04:10
May 29, 2020 by Kristina Monllos

The mental health toll of the new work from home reality has set in at agencies. Two-and-a-half months into remote work, some agency employees say that it’s now easier than ever to work longer hours than usual which can quickly lead to burnout.

“We’re sitting in the same place and we lose track of time,” said FCB art director Victoria Rosselli. “The next thing you know we’ve skipped lunch and we’re still working. Naturally, you do work more when you’re just sitting in your room all day in front of a computer.”

For Rosselli, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the agency community inspired her, along with freelance copywriter Laurel Stark Akman, to kickstart a conversation about mental health in the ad world. The two did so this week via a new creative project, Our Silent Partner, which showcases agency creatives’ work about mental health. “We really felt like there was an urgency during this as mental health [issues are] even more prevalent,” said Rosselli. 

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