Marketers Need AI, and AI Needs Marketers

MarketingProfs 30 Apr 2020 02:00

For marketers, AI is perhaps the most intimidating abbreviation flying around the boardroom, the event hall, and the company Slack channel.

But it doesn't have to be.

Just as complex software deployments have become streamlined and marketer-friendly through software as a- service (SaaS), artificial intelligence will be going the same way much sooner than we all think.

Marketing and AI: Bridging the Gap

Before we talk AI, let's first talk personalization—a term marketers are far more comfortable with. Today, many brands face troubles when attempting effective personalization at scale. Either they lack the quantity of content required or they are unable to match all their content with the right customer, at the right point, at the right time in the customer journey.

According to research from The Harris Poll, nearly three-quarters of consumers in North America think brands struggle to create personalized and individual experiences, in large part because of rising expectations.

Solving thiat industry-agnostic problem is where AI comes in. With AI, marketers can offload the time-consuming and cost-intensive tasks of high-grade personalization by relying on AI to offer predictive insights and content insights that result in an automated personalized experience.

Why marketers and AI need each other

Why AI needs Marketers

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