Ousted Google human rights chief says it has lost its 'Don't be evil' mantra

Telegraph 02 Jan 2020 06:19

Google's ousted human rights chief has accused the company of ditching its "Don't be evil" mantra and has slammed it for racism, a poor human rights record and concerning relationships with China and Saudi Arabia. 

Ross LaJeunesse, Google’s head of international relations until 2019, said the company’s commitment to human rights had been superseded by executives’ desire to “chase bigger profits and an even higher stock price”, in an online post published on Thursday.

Google is battling a brewing internal rebellion from employees but Mr LaJeunesse's intervention is among the first from within the internet giant's ranks of former executives.

He said he was “sidelined” after proposing a human rights programme in 2017, when he was told that Google was planning to re-enter the Chinese market with a search engine codenamed Dragonfly that was later leaked to the press. He also grew concerned that executives at its cloud computing division were pursuing deals with the Saudi government.

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