Electric scooter trials to begin in the UK this weekend

Telegraph 30 Jun 2020 04:59

The Government has approved plans for trials of electric scooters to begin on the UK’s roads from July 4, clearing the way for scooter rental companies to start offering their services across the country.

The Department for Transport announced new rules on Tuesday which will govern local trials of the scooters starting from this weekend.

Local authorities across the country are now expected to begin operating scooter trials in partnership with a number of scooter rental companies which have been lobbying the Government for years.

Although the rules are widely flouted, the use of privately owned electric scooters on public highways remains illegal in the UK. Anyone riding a private scooter on UK roads risks receiving a £300 fixed penalty notice and six points on their driving licence.

American scooter rental company Bird has been operating its pay-per-minute scooter service on privately owned land in the Olympic Park since 2018.

Bird’s European head Patrick Studener said: “Shortly the whole of the UK will be able to benefit from having a greener and more convenient alternative to cars. Decreasing car trips will reduce congestion and air pollution and make our towns and cities more livable for everyone.”

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