Apple’s latest anti-tracking changes present fresh headache for publishers

Digiday 21 Sep 2020 04:01
September 21, 2020 by Lara O'Reilly

Apple may have offered a brief reprieve before it implements its latest IDFA-related app-privacy changes, but its latest iOS 14 update still comes with two new surprise anti-tracking features that once again have the potential to further disrupt publishers’ ad businesses.

In the new update, which went live on September 16, Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature — which blocks cross-site tracking on Safari — is switched on by default for all browsers. Further down the pike, Apple will also roll out a change that reflects a relatively new ITP workaround. 

Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

While many non-Apple browsers like Brave and Firefox already have built-in anti-tracking features, this new update also affects the world’s most popular browser, Google’s Chrome. While Apple is still working through some kinks that have allowed third-party cookies to work in some instances when the feature is switched on, all browsers on iOS and iPad OS will have ITP switched on by the end of the year.

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