Don’t lurk, don’t eat, please mute: The new etiquette rules of Zoom

Digiday 01 May 2020 04:03
May 1, 2020 by Shareen Pathak

“No lurking. I want to see you! We all want to see you!”

A tech company’s CEO had to recently send out a missive to his all-distributed workforce asking everyone to keep their cameras on while they were on yet another of their many Zoom meetings.

“I had to do it,” said the CEO. “I was getting complaints about people who refused to turn their cameras on, probably for pretty good reasons, but it ruined the flow of the rest of the meeting and it all became unproductive. So I had to make a rule.”

Most workers are entering week 8 of their new work-from-home existence. The initial snow-day thrill of ditching the commute has descended into depressing chaos of corralling distance learning kids, wondering if showering every other day is OK and, yes, endless Zoom calls. The thrill of glimpses into coworkers’ homes and lives on Zoom — “hey, is that “Conversations With Friends?” Loved it!” — has inevitably been replaced by Zoom fatigue. The lawless land of Zoom, where someone always doesn’t know they are muted, needs some order. A rough school of etiquette has slowly emerged.

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