5 of the best smartwatches for your kids

Mashable 09 Jun 2020 04:00
These wearables can track location, send daily reminders, or provide games to play during a painful car ride.

The percentage of kids who have a smartphone grows by the year, and this trend is seemingly only going in one direction. Kids start begging for their own phone as soon as they can talk (or at least it probably feels that way to parents who are always handing their phone over to keep a kid busy). 

In some ways, your child having a phone on them at all times can alleviate some serious worries about location and communication, but worries about internet safety, cyberbullying, and screen time might outnumber the reasons for a young child to have a phone of their own (even though parental control software exists for this exact purpose).

Enter: smartwatches for kids. These connected wearables let parents stay in touch with kids while they're away from home, and most are equipped with GPS to keep tabs on a kid's whereabouts without having to send a panicked message. Unlike smartwatches for adults, kids' smartwatches don't promote social media sharing and usually don't have the option to get on the internet at all.

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