The Rundown: Seeds of discontent in the workplace

Digiday 16 Jan 2020 05:01

Recently, an exasperated top media executive asked me a question: “What is a progressive media company to do to keep their people happy?” He ticked through the various programs the company had in place, its strong culture, comparatively good pay. It is a discussion that plays out in most conversations with top execs. No matter where the starting point, conversations tend to veer to issues that make up the wild world of the modern work experience.

For years, these issues — entitled and flaky employees, infantilized work cultures (thanks Google), constant pestering for unearned promotions — were best filed under “WTF millennial.” Now, however, it’s clear that the changed nature of work and the office is more than yet another skirmish in the rolling generational wars. For starters, millennials aren’t new to the workforce, they’re your boss. The oldest millennials are now 38. Instead, younger workers have caused a reexamination of the place of work in a fulfilled life. There is a broad rejection of many aspects of work that were taken for granted for too long.

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