Facebook India kicks off consumer marketing push with ‘more together’ campaign

The Drum 03 Mar 2020 04:04
Facebook India kicks off consumer marketing push with ‘more together’ campaign

Facebook has launched a major consumer push in India, aimed at showing the country how its services bring together communities.

According to Facebook, the campaign is not only the first major consumer push of its kind in India but is also the first time Facebook has launched this messaging globally. The campaign taps into a global message for Facebook around trust and transparency.

The ads focus on the message of ‘more together’ and show stories of how people do ‘more together’ by using the power of its services in-app that connect the community.

Ajit Mohan, vice president and managing director of Facebook India, said: “India is at the heart of Facebook and one of our focus areas this year is to tell the exciting story of a service that is deeply embedded in the fabric of India. While at the company level we remain focussed on building trust, we want to showcase the many ways that Facebook is intertwined in the lives of Indians - from connecting with loved ones, to growing businesses and supporting local communities, to finding ways to come together to learn and share and celebrate. I could not be more excited that we are telling our story – it is a story that is lived by people across the country every day.”

The campaign was created by Dentsu Taproot, with the first TV ad directed by Shimit Amin, best known for doing Chak De!

It’s the first major ad campaign for the brand in India since it hired a new marketing director, with the responsibility for leading a bigger consumer marketing push.

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