Campari partners Affordable Art Fair to create outdoor gallery

Campaign 07 Jun 2021 03:26

Campari is partnering with the Affordable Art Fair to create an outdoor gallery by handing over its advertising space to showcase 500 pieces of artwork.

Curated by Will Ramsay, founder of the Affordable Art Fair, the "Art Without Walls" gallery is designed to inspire the nation's own creative passions while supporting artists and independent galleries impacted by the pandemic.

Each piece in the gallery has a unique QR code allowing passers-by to purchase the artwork, with 100% of the proceeds going to the art industry. The QR code will direct users to the Art Without Walls collection website, which will run for two weeks from 14 June. 

"Art Without Walls" is being marketed as the UK's largest outdoor art gallery. The artworks will be located in Shoreditch and the surrounding areas on a combination of digital screens, posters and projections in high footfall locations. The positioning of the gallery sites has been planned with the consumer journey in mind, beginning at the tube and continuing through the streets, mirroring a traditional gallery experience.

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