'Every day is like Sunday': how Spotify listening habits changed in lockdown

Campaign 01 May 2020 02:09

"Every day is like Sunday," Marco Bertozzi, vice-president, EMEA sales and multi-market sales at Spotify, said, explaining how listening on the platform has changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

"There’s a remarkable similarity between weekends and weekday," Bertozzi said. "The majority of people are staying at home, so we are seeing these shifts in how people are listening and what people are listening on."

There is "a lot more usage on connected devices outside of mobile – we haven’t got the commute any more – so we’re seeing people listening across connected TVs, connected speakers, gaming consoles like PlayStations and Xboxes, and good, old desktop because so many people are working from home".

Bertozzi added that "we’re starting to see a shift in subject matter" in terms of listening habits as users seek out "feel-good" music content and podcasts.

"We’re seeing that shift to much more people living their lives – listening to different playlists like ‘Throwback Thursday’-type playlists and feel-good environments," he said.

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