India is poised to become a semiconductor design powerhouse

Gartner 20 Jan 2020 08:47

by Bill Ray  |  January 20, 2020  |  Submit a Comment

Government investment, and an entrepreneurial spirit, is turning India into a centre for semiconductor design. Investment from high-tech companies has created an educated workforce which is limited only by an institutional bias towards software investments.

India’s software industry is well established, but hardware development is more nascent. For the last 20 years foreign semiconductor companies have been running development centers in India, so there’s plenty of talent available. The Indian government is also keen to help, investing $32m in “Building an End-To-End 5G Test Bed” as well as various other initiatives.

Although several promising startup companies have been launched in India in the last few years, they still struggle with long-term funding and financial support. Indian investors are often more focused on software, where results are typically seen on a much shorter time scale and investments are supported by a history of profitable investment.

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