Can an older Data Center become a strategic asset rather than a liability?

Gartner 19 May 2021 12:34

Not too long ago, Gartner made a splash with the research headline, “The Data Center is Dead”.  The point wasn’t that enterprise data centers were suddenly obsolete, but that the days of a traditional enterprise-owned data center serving as the sole location to source IT services were waning. With a growing reliance on externally provided services, from cloud providers,  application hosting providers, or workloads housed in colocation centers,   more and more enterprises were likely to hold the line, or actually reduce their footprint in the enterprise data center.  This is a far cry from shuttering all enterprise data centers, as not all applications are ideally placed in the cloud at this time, and constraints imposed by the “three P’s” (legacy, latency, and legal) maintain the relevance and value of an on-prem estate.  So the questions naturally arise, “what do we do with our data centers?”  “Should we continue to update them?”  “How should we plan for this?”

In his research note titled “How to Turn Old Data Centers Into Critical IT Assets”, David Cappuccio addresses the enterprise need to have a strategy regarding older data centers, and argues that they can, and at times should be updated to support new and emerging business services while reducing operating costs.  Given that a percentage of applications will remain “on-prem” for the foreseeable future, it turns out that a wave of optimization can improve efficiency and operations to an extent that it is worth at least one more cycle of updates and upgrades.

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