Future of TV Briefing: How TV shows, movies are managing their returns to production

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April 7, 2021 by Tim Peterson

The Future of TV Briefing this week looks at the current stage of TV and movie makers’ return to physical production.

  • Masks, camera, action
  • Pay-TV providers ease up on streaming restrictions
  • The resurgence of brand-produced programming, Facebook shortchanged creators, Disney’s diversity push and more

Masks, camera, action

Following last spring’s physical production hiatus, film and TV projects have largely returned to shooting in studio and on location. The productions themselves may not fully resemble pre-COVID sets — with cast and crew members in masks and keeping their distance — but the finished projects should bear little semblance with the Zoom-shot shows that sprung up in the early days of the pandemic.

“Most of our clients don’t want the production to feel like, when you watch it five years from now, that that was made during the pandemic,” said Eric Tomosunas, CEO of Swirl Films, which has produced shows and movies for TV networks and streaming services including BET and Netflix.

Managing the pandemic’s continued impact on physical production is no easy feat, however. TV and film producers are having to strike a balance between protecting people’s health and safety and not compromising the quality of their projects. For example, to shoot scenes with a large number of people in the background — which are standard in many scripted shows and movies — Swirl Films has been framing shots in ways to make it seem like more people are in a scene than were actually on set as well as using technology to insert crowds during the editing process, Tomosunas said.

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