‘Eager to explore more’: Business Insider’s virtual events strategy lifts volume and plants evergreen on-demand feature

Digiday 16 Sep 2020 04:01
September 16, 2020 by Max Willens

Insider Inc. has taken the FOMO out of its events on purpose.

Over the past six months, Business Insider’s parent company has discarded its old conference-focused events strategy in favor of a quicker, nimbler one, balancing between newsy, edit-driven events and advertiser-driven ones that feature an educational component and are designed to live on as on-demand content that can be watched later.

While sponsorships for its virtual events cost less than sponsoring its physical versions — though the company would not say by how much — Business Insider has generated eight times more events revenue in 2020 than it did in 2019, thanks in part to a significant increase in the number of programs it’s put on. So far this year, BI has already run 15 events this year, up from three in 2019, with more scheduled for later in the year.

That number is up partly because planning and executing a virtual event takes less time than a physical one. But it’s also because Insider has sold several events as part of multi-part packages, meant to work not just as in-person events, but as evergreen content that can live on as an on-demand program.

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