Donald Trump joins TikTok rival Triller

BBC Technology 17 Aug 2020 06:31
By James Clayton North America technology reporter
Screengrab from Trump Triller videoImage copyright Unknown

Donald Trump has joined Triller, a New-York-based rival to China's TikTok.

After two days on the social-media app, the US president has 11,000 followers.

TikTok was banned in India two months ago. Mr Trump wants to follow suit unless it sells the app's US version and has signed executive orders targeting both it and another Chinese social-media app, Tencent's WeChat.

Both India and the US fear data collected by the TikTok could be given to the Chinese government.

Image copyright Unknown

TikTok strongly denies this and says none of its international users' data is stored in China.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is currently in negotiations with TikTok to buy all or part of the company.

The first, claiming he is a "professional at technology", has amassed 6.1 million views.

In the others, the president thanks "Boaters for Trump" and references his election opponent, Joe Biden.

But another US app, Byte, is also a rival and Facebook has set up a similar platform called Reels.

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