Publishers are joining the race for reader revenues, but there’s no silver bullet

What's New in Publishing 18 Dec 2019 09:30

Publishers large and small are joining earlier adopters with their own reader revenues plays. But with subscription fatigue threatening, quality content and smart reader retention strategies will be necessary for success, says Peter Houston in this chapter of our Media Moments 2019 report.

“The pivot is real,” said Chartbeat CEO John Saroff in Nieman Lab’s Predictions for Journalism 2019.

From global news brands to individuals harnessing crowdfunding platforms, more publishers are taking cash straight from their readers online than ever before. And, in a media market predicted to grow to $1 trillion over the next few years, user-based income is expected to grow to account for the largest percentage of total revenue.

The push into reader revenues has been driven by a desire for stability in a volatile digital ad market and as a counter to platforms taking ownership of reader relationships and data. The quality of content, technology and robust retention strategies are developing into strong differentiators. 

To read the final part of the chapter on what to expect in 2020, plus case studies, download the full Media Moments 2019 report.

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