Taking a leap of faith: People embrace post-pandemic career changes

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July 6, 2021 by Steve Hemsley

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Chloe Murray had been a professional dancer for five years before COVID-19 decimated the performing arts industry.

She had travelled the world, wowing audiences at venues as diverse as cruise ships, Disney theme parks and theatres in London’s West End.

“I had just moved to London to be at the heart of the industry when the pandemic hit. It could not have happened at a worst time,” she said. 

After a few months Murray realized she had to find a new job and she wondered whether her theatre skills would be an asset in the corporate world. After all, she was confident, always smiling, used to working in a competitive environment, a team player, thick-skinned and determined.

She has since found a home in the public relations industry working as a PR and content executive for Fox Agency in the U.K. She loves her new job and has no plans to return to dancing.

Much of the success of these hybrid set-ups will depend on how well managers can handle their teams under the changes, what advice would you give them?
Be transparent about the policies your organization has in place. Surface concerns and share stories, but don’t burden your employees with your own disappointments. If permitted, allow for flexibility in implementing the new policies and discuss options as a team. Above all else, be kind and patient. Offer support to everyone you manage. Work with your team to develop new practices and protocols around communication tools and technologies. Set guidelines around access to information and clarify who needs to be involved in each meeting or decision. Emphasize inclusion and equity. Take action to eliminate the [perception] that those who are in the office are more productive than remote workers.

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