‘The rankings can change at times like this’: For media, getting beyond triage mode is critical

Digiday 16 Apr 2020 04:01

In speaking to media executives, there are two competing impulses at play. The first is what one executive described to me the “corona flush.” This is the opportunity the current crisis affords companies to “flush” bad business decisions. Build a bad business based on flimsy audience engagement growth hacks and programmatic ads? Flush it with the excuse of coronavirus.

The other impulse is the “corona cover,” which is using the current crisis as a way to position a company to not just emerge on the other side intact but stronger and positioned for growth that outpaces their peer class.

“There’s a bunch of people in all the companies who are really stepping it up and making every effort to move forward,” said one exec. “There are a huge number of people still swamped in triage. There’s a psychological impact of that. If your new normal is triage, that’s terrible. You have to see these things as a process and transition. You need to have a forward-looking perspective of what comes next. The rankings can change at times like this. You can move up and down the league table at times of flux in times of great change. There are people who get knocked out in this process.”

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