‘It will be draining to build new routines’: Rusty interpersonal skills need addressing for office returns

Digiday 26 Jul 2021 04:01
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July 26, 2021 by Steve Hemsley

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Employees’ soft skills didn’t disappear during lockdown, but they did lie dormant and will need dusting off and refreshing as people return to the office.

Core skills that help people progress at work and improve productivity, such as critical thinking, teamwork, presenting effectively and even demonstrating a clear work ethic could all need a boost.

Susy Roberts is founder of international people development consultancy Hunter Roberts, and she has identified problem-solving and fast thinking as two skills that will need attention. 

“These both require high levels of cognitive and execution function,” she said. “Many soft skills have been drained by loneliness, long COVID and grief. Leaders will need to show high levels of empathy and accept that allowances will have to be made.”

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